what is asperger’s?

as you might know, someonesickness, deals with the asperger syndrome. river, the male protagonist, is an autist. that does not mean his whole life revolves around it and that he is constantly having trouble.
so, for starters, let’s discuss autism a bit. (for those of you, who do not know this, i have asperger’s. and yeah, this book is somewhat autobiographic.)
for me that means, having difficulties with (sudden) changes, loud noise and without structure. it also includes problems with people on an inter-personal level. i can’t read faces and i’m fairly bad at cheering people up and recognizing sarcasm and irony.
i have ocd, which is probably the worst thing about my autism. that restricts me a lot and some days makes me wonder why i even bother but in the end, it’s always worth the fight.
being autistic does not mean never talking to anyone or being all by myself 24/7, though. i have good and bad days, days when i feel as though i’m perfectly “normal” and days when i can’t stand to be touched. days when i think i can attend school easily and days when i can’t get out of the house.asperger’s is a mild form of autism, its cause is not (yet) completely known- probably though, it’s in your genes. it’s not something you can cure with the right meds. but, i’m only speaking for myself here, i wouldn’t have it any other way.



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