A week without you

Monday, 3:43 am

I woke up
for the first time –
without your arms around me.

Tuesday, 7:06 am

Today, I realized
you are no longer mine.

Wednesday, 5:12 pm

You shouldn’t have been so cold
when you left me,
for her.

Thursday, 11:51 pm

I wrote you a text,
I still adore you breathlessly.

Friday, 1:54 am

I was drunk tonight,
I should never have sent that text.

Saturday, 3:04 pm

I remember our last road trip,
three days in the same clothes.
And it hurts like hell.

Sunday, 2:31 pm

You will never show weakness for letting me go.
Will you?



i write stuff. join me on this ridiculously wonderful ride.

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